Wind Energy

We harness the power of the wind to convert it into electrical energy. For this we use the Piggott wind turbine, an open patent design by Scottish engineer Hugh Piggott, used by more than 50 organizations in 30 countries on four continents to bring energy to rural areas and provide practical training in wind energy ( It has a horizontal axis, 3 blades, can be manufactured in 6 different power ratings ranging from 200 to 1000W and in 3 operating voltages 12V, 24V and 48V.

With 30 years of improvements and designed under the principles of self-construction, simplicity and robustness, it requires very little maintenance and is ideal to be installed in isolated places where the electrical network does not reach. In short, it is the most widely used self-built wind turbine in the world.

Solar Energy

The sun is the source of life on this planet, the main source of energy. We convert solar energy into electrical energy by taking direct advantage of its radiation through photovoltaic panels. We use this technology for rural electrification projects in places with great solar resources as well as in a hybrid way in conjunction with wind generation equipment.