About 500RPM

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the technology transfer of the most widely used self-built wind turbine in the world: the Piggott design. In 2010 we brought this technology to Argentina, and since then we have been promoting its diffusion and sustainable rural electrification in our country and the region, incorporating other renewable energies and developing our own open patent technologies to achieve a comprehensive approach. We work with educational institutions, NGOs, companies and governments to enhance the impact, and to provide a collaborative and multidisciplinary response to the challenges of global sustainable development.

Mission: Our mission is to make low-power renewable energies massively accessible and local rural electrification technologies.

Vision: We have the vision of a world with free technological knowledge oriented to local human development and global sustainability.

From 500RPM we provide social solutions for rural electrification and productive use through the implementation of renewable energies, where education is transversal to all our actions. Do not be left out!




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