Strawberries of the Winds

We understand the importance of strengthening and enhancing rural economies. Therefore, we identify and measure the needs of small rural economies, and we design and install wind power systems to enhance their activities. Currently, we are focused on five representative activities of the rural world: alternative tourism; small-scale goat and sheep production; horticultural production; sheep production; and goat leather goods.

Working in the provinces of Salta, Cordoba, Rio Negro and Chubut.

Local Replication Hubs

The installation of competencies and capacities at the local level has proven to be the key to success in decentralized rural electrification experiences. Therefore, we promote the creation of local groups for the replication of technologies. Thus, in 2018 the Emprendimiento e�lico de Cholila emerged, a project oriented to: the manufacture and installation of wind turbines in community social projects -schools, rural health centers, small producers-; the commercialization and maintenance of wind turbines and other renewable technologies; training and knowledge transfer activities; and the research and development of open patent technologies at the service of the community. This is a comprehensive undertaking whose backbone is to generate sustainable responses to the social demands of isolated rural communities: access to electricity and water for domestic and productive uses.

Technical School x Rural School

We created links between the urban and rural worlds through their schools. We manufactured the wind turbine in a local technical institution, teaching teachers and students, and installed it in collective work days with the community in a rural school without electricity. We trained end users in the use and maintenance of the wind turbine.