Didactic Wind Kit

We developed a mini-wind turbine at scale, aimed at disseminating the basic principles of wind energy in educational projects in secondary schools. The mini-windmill is based on the Piggott design, and incorporates an electronic development that allows charging a cell phone. Students assemble the wind turbine in the classroom without the need for tools.

Demonstration Center in Buenos Aires

We have a physical workshop and test tower in Vicente López, province of Buenos Aires. Our friends at the Centro de Actividades Educativas Camino (CAEC) opened their doors to us and there we test our technological developments, such as the water pumping system, and we provide electricity outdoors for demonstration purposes. This is the place where we teach our courses so that everyone can see a complete wind installation.

Systems for pedagogical use

We work with public agencies and technical institutions (schools and universities) in educational and demonstration projects that promote the dissemination of knowledge and the appropriation of technology.

We manufacture the wind turbine together with teachers and students and install it in the institutions themselves, where it remains to be used for testing, research and development.


The Network for the Expansion of Renewable Energies comprises NGOs, companies, universities, and public organizations exchanging experiences and resources with schools in the country and the region with the aim of teaching science through the lens of renewable energies.